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Medically Supervised Weight Loss

When people think “medical weight loss” the first thing that comes to mind is surgery. We can assure you, we’re not interested in sending our patients to a weight loss surgeon!  Instead, we help our patients develop a sustainable strategy to achieving and maintaining a healthy weight for them!

Medically supervised weight loss simply means that we approach your weight as a problem that we need to assess with all of the tools available to us and build a comprehensive plan bring your health back into balance.  We are not saying to “eat less calories” and call it a day.  We use advanced scientific tools and techniques to understand how to best support your nutrition and health.  By approaching it from this direction, our goal will be to optimize your health, energy, stamina, and quality of life!

3D Body Composition Assessment

Our advanced approach looks specifically at your a detailed analysis of your body composition, such as your lean mass and fat mass for maximum accuracy.

Cognitive Therapy

Focus your healthy weight journey with cognitive behavioral therapy designed to overcome unhealthy dietary decisions focused on sustainable outcomes.

Nutritional Guidance

Understanding nutrition is crucial to being able to achieve a life-long sustainable healthy weight and keep your energy levels at the correct level.

Our Approach is also augmented by

Proper Exercise

You can’t expect results without putting in the work.  We’re not advocating a jump to becoming an athlete.  We do however work with you to develop a coach and training regimen that will be crucial to your success.

Body Composition Analysis

Both an initial and onginig body composition analysis will give us an individualized way to track and measure your results.

Medications & Supplements

We are also able to use medications that are becoming more advanced and available to help augment our efforts such as medications including semaglutide/ozempic, tirzepatide/mounjaro, and wegovy, as well as fat burning supplementation, peptides.

Timely Transitions

This process is a marathon, not a sprint.  Our goal isn’t to lose as much weight as quickly as possible.  Rather we aim to develop a sustainable healthy body that is healthy, strong, and being nutritionally supported.  

Ready to Transform Your Life?

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